Tim McKercher

President LOOK Marketing

Tim successfully leverages his more than a quarter century of experience in marketing, public relations, branding, event production, photo and video production to create award-winning creative campaigns. He has followed his passions and helps premium brands in the powersports, marine, and restaurant markets. Tim is a graduate of the business, management and marketing program at the University of Central Florida. #GoKnights #ChargeOn
Passionate about all things that move you physically and emotionally Tim can be found driving something around his hometown of Melbourne, Florida and spending time beachside with his wife Michele, son Tyson, daughter Tia and two dogs. He enjoys a variety of sports, and prior to entering the business world he was a globe-trotting, championship chasing personal watercraft racer and stuntman. Tim loves an exciting challenge – like the time he crossed the iceberg lane Bering Straits aboard a personal watercraft touching down in Russia for a National Geographic story.

Michele Chenard

Director of Visual Merchandising

Michele is an award-winning and acclaimed designer known for her “eye for design.” Her expertise is in art directing photoshoots, visual merchandising, trade show, retail and event design. With over a decade of experience working with high-end brands, Michele has honed her creative talent for delivering luxurious, premium design experiences as a critical aspect of the experiential marketing process.
Hailing from Quebec City, Canada, Michele has made the idyllic beachside town of Melbourne Beach her new hometown. Michele is an effervescent, artistically gifted creative with serious organizing skills – a lovely feature of her perfectly balanced right-left brain mix. She loves being with her family, playing outdoors with daughter Tia and running – if there’s a race nearby, you can be assured Michele is running in it.

Tyler Fischer

Marketing Specialist

With a degree in Marketing from Florida State University, Tyler, an outdoor enthusiast. His love of boating and surfing, is a natural fit for his role as Marketing Specialist for our marine clients. His diverse work experience started as an intern at LOOK assisting our Wellcraft Boats’ social media communications project. For the past years he has successfully managed several global brand social media channels and contributed substantially in experiential event activations.
Having lived in San Diego, Japan and Washington D.C amongst other places, Pennsylvania-born Tyler enjoys traveling and being outdoors. On a typical weekend you can find him lounging at the beach, surfing, fishing, skating or at a Japanese restaurant indulging his culinary obsession with sushi... and hanging out with DJ Khaled.

Jeremy Schandelmayer

Event Specialist

Marine industry insider, former watercraft racer and world traveler Jeremy brings his people skills and management expertise to every event. His logic first approach ensures our consumer experiential rides, media events, and trade show activations are safe and memorable.
A born and bred Floridian, Jeremy’s parents introduced him to sailing at a young age. By age five he was windsurfing, and he continues to pursue that nautical passion - sailing his 21’ NACRA sailboat and riding his personal watercraft. He's an avid mountain biking enthusiast and enjoys sporty competition. His love for athletic competition - specifically as a watercraft racer - provided him an opportunity to see the world. During his time as a professional watercraft racer he traveled the globe. His travels have taught Jeremy how to get things done no matter what the challenges.

Pauline Gilliam

Senior Merchandising Specialist

Known for her unwavering commitment to excellence in design, Pauline never accepts anything less than perfect in her retail design projects. Her expertise is in point of sale, retail design, visual merchandising and design project management. She has over 30 years of experience in the consumer design realm, and has a very thorough understanding of marketing lifestyle products.
Currently living in Texas with her family, Pauline is from the United Kingdom and had lived in Australia for several years before calling the Lone Star state home. She is always up for a challenge and loves seeing her design work transform and improve clients’ businesses.

Ted McKercher

Boat and Bike Specialist

Our go-to-guy for all things boat and bike, Ted brings a seasoned voice to the mix. Ted has a knack for effortlessly translating even the most technical details or situations into layman’s terms for non-techie consumer consumption.
The LOOK team calls him “Captain Ted MCKERCHER” – which alludes to his status as the veteran road warrior of the team and for his being a certified ‘Iron Butt’ rider, crisscrossing North America a dozen times by motorcycle and navigating thousands of miles by sea.

Mark Quavillon

Event Specialist

An ace at producing and managing consumer driven event marketing projects, Mark uses his expertise in consumer and human behavior to clearly and concisely explain the real world benefits of products and services in order to successfully convert shoppers to buyers. Mark is a graduate of the University of Central Florida.
When not working with the LOOK events team, Mark is busy building his popular surf fashion business, Villon Clothing, and coaching men’s gymnastics.


Manny represents the ethos of LOOK Marketing – which is rooted in artistic creativity and intellectual curiosity, embraces agility and stands firm to our guiding principle of always looking at integrating every angle for that perfect story that emotionally connects consumers with your brand, product or service.

Manny is a part of our culture, and you’ll find him showing up in a multitude of places beyond our office. Manny has traveled the world alongside our team. He has joined us in proudly accepting numerous prestigious awards including Best of Show ADDYs and Neptune Awards.

Manny enjoys sharing savvy marketing tips and other insightful quips via social media with the requisite selfie, of course! (He’s our social star and even has his own hashtag, too - #MannyMondays.)  He’s one of the most inspiring models for our Visual Merchandising team when they are dreaming up new retail and trade show design spaces.

Hanging out at photoshoots and video productions is one of his favorite things to do -  he loves being around cameras and is always working on perfecting the “look.” He certainly gets around, and if you watch carefully you may find him popping up at events we produce, and if you ask – he’d love to pose for a pic with you.