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  • 2019 Club Ski-Doo: Trade Show Design

    Club Ski-Doo Trade Show Design Project Background

    LOOK Marketing’s creative visual merchandising and trade show design specialists conceptualized and executed a showroom display and merchandise design project to highlight industry leading, client BRP Ski-Doo‘s 2019 collection of riding gear, clothes and accessories for its annual global dealer meeting.

    This was a business-to-business project aimed at inspiring the dealers to place wholesale orders on vehicles, accessories, clothing, riding gear and parts.

    The Space

    The trade show space occupied 23,000 SQFT in New Orlean’s famed Mercedes Benz Super Dome. The space was designed in a circular pattern with the intention of creating a very dynamic and unique traffic flow experience for the trade show attendees.

    Aerial view of circular trade show space in Super Dome illustrating hub and spoke exhibition floor layout.

    The Team

    Displays and Visual Merchandising Strategy and Design

    LOOK Marketing: Michele Chenard and Paulo Kaladeen

    Event Planning and Production

    Altitude/ C

    Lighting and Set Design

    Luz Studio

    The Design: Displays & Visual Merchandising

    Ski-Doo Riding Gear Floor Display & Interactive Layering Concept Wall

    Michele explains that the driving force for the show floor vignette highlighting the three-part layering philosophy for Ski-Doo’s riding gear was the client’s requirement that the show display be educational and effectively communicate the science of layering the riding gear from the base layer to the mid layer and finishing off with the outer layer.

    Her design team developed a concept based on BRP Ski-Doo’s “Build Your Own” system which graphically demonstrated in what order the clothing layers should be worn. The LOOK Marketing visual merchandising and store design team took that idea and interpreted it for the trade show floor by creating a display wall showing a chart with layering using numbers (1,2, and 3 – each associated with a layering stage) and integrated with three spinners (see concept renderings below). According to Michele, “Each spinner had technical information about the layer on one side and on the other side all the merchandise’s photos that went under that layer.”

    Completing the Ski-Doo riding gear and interactive layering floor section was a set of geometrically inspired podiums opposite each other. On each podium, three mannequins designated for women’s and men’s gear, respectively. The mannequins were dressed in various stages of the layer dressing. This was used to convey the three-part philosophy, and to further tie the visuals to the layering process expressed in the layering chart on the display wall.

    Rendering depicting Ski-Doo clothing and recommended layering methods.

    Trade show exhibit wall with spinners.

    Detail of interactive layering panel wall display section at Club Ski-Doo.

    Ski-Doo Helmet Display

    New Orleans Club Ski Doo 2019 Helmet Collection

    Michele Chenard, Director of Visual Merchandising at LOOK Marketing shares insight into her team’s approach to the Ski-Doo helmet display:

    We used two auto-self white walls with matte finish. One of the displays showcased Ski-Doo’s Cross family helmets and the other highlighted Ski-Doo’s full face helmets.  The design concept (see display rendering below) for the honeycombed niches that housed the Ski-Doo helmets were inspired by Ski-Doo’s use of the honeycomb shape in their marketing campaign.  Each of the honeycombed niches were lighted and had a mirror finish on the back to ensure a better view of the graphics and details of each helmet.

    Rendering of of proposed space design for helmet section in trade show space for model year 2019 Club Sea-Doo.

    Innovation Wall Display

    Elevating engineering feats to an art form with the Innovation wall display which exhibits Ski-Doos seven best innovative accessories.

    For the Innovation wall display, Michele explains that the “ultimate goal was to showcase Ski-Doo best innovative accessories.” In order to bring their show design concept (see rendering below) to life, the design team had a 24’ long wall built and covered with with slightly faded imagery of moments exemplifying the lifestyle associated with the tagline “That Ski-Doo Feeling”. Seven display niches were sculpted out of the wall – each niche with varying degrees of depth to best highlight the item contained within. The geometrically defined niches – either a square or rectangle – contained light fixtures to fully illuminate the innovative Ski-Doo accessories. This show design evokes a feeling of an art gallery wall dedicated to important engineering accomplishments that contribute to the Ski-Doo product and enhance the Ski-Doo lifestyle of the ski rider.

    Club BRP -Ski-Doo Accessories Innovation design rendering.

    Clothing Lifestyle Exhibit | Mountain Section

    Ski-Doo has several lifestyle segmentations for which it produces specific clothing and riding gear. Shown here is the mountain segment.

    Expanded view of trade show floor space with focus on Ski-Doo’s Mountain clothing and riding gear.

    For the clothing and riding gear sections, the objective was to create an unforgettable and impactful 3-dimensional visual look book. The design team called this a “look-alike” window. Its purpose was to bring attention to Ski-Doo’s most important soft goods segmentation line up. The driving factors shaping the aesthetic show design was the need to deliver a clean and minimalistic approach while ensuring that the star of the vignette – the clothes and riding gear wowed the trade show attendees. The team executed their design vision (see design rendering below and see above for delivered design) using a white, glossy material for the display. At the top of the display, faded imagery of Ski-Doo lifestyle shots and below that image section the tagline, “That Ski-Doo Feeling.”  An acrylic window sporting signage identifying the specific Ski-Doo segment offered a feeling of a window display in a retail environment inviting shoppers to come take a closer look at the mannequins  outfitted in Ski-Doo riding attire and accessories.

    Mountain lifestyle section design rendering for the Club Ski-Doo trade show.

    Ski-Doo XPS Oil & Maintenance Products

    Merchandising Ski-Doo XPS products in a dramatic, contemporary fashion that aligns the product with the Ski-Doo brand and lifestyle.

    Positioning the Ski-Doo XPS oil and maintenance products to express the premium characteristics and quality of the product range was the show design team’s goal for the display concept (see rendering below).  According to Michele, the team’s creative director, the merchandising team took inspiration from the product packaging graphics, logo and color scheme (which is silver and black). Within the matte black display wall, lighted recess shelving showcased groupings of the XPS oil and maintenance products as shown in the photo above.


    Display panel for Ski-Doo XPS products.

    The Design:Vehicle Floor Set

    Visual Merchandising and floor set with Ski-Doo snowmobile vehicle.

    Color Harmony: Visual Merchandising and floor set with Ski-Doo snowmobiles to visually tie the riding gear and clothing with the Ski-Doo vehicle.

    Retail store design inspiration.

    Powerful Possibilities: Display to highlight various accessories that complement the Ski-Doo snowmobile. This configuration allows dealers to visualize what is possible and to offer inspiration for design within their retail space.

    Trade show set design - defining the product hero. look marketing

    Hero Stand: Highlighting importance of Ski-Doo unit in trade show space.

    2019 Ski-Doo snowmobiles.

    Ski-Doo vehicles displayed with walk around space and key information readily available for dealers to access.


  • Visual Merchandising for Sales Success: Route 1 Motorsports

    Visual Merchandising and Store Styling

    With plans to build a new mega-showroom underway, Route 1 Motorsports knew they wanted LOOK Marketing’s Director of Visual Merchandising, Michele Chenard and her team to design the showroom and store displays for BRP powersports’ brands Can-Am Off Road and Can-Am Spyder as well as Sea-Doo watercraft.

    Grand Opening Showroom Tour

    When Route 1 Motorsports  officially opened the doors for business at to their new powersports dealership in Florida’s Brevard county – home to the iconic, history-making Space Coast,  we were honored to have been there to celebrate this momentous event with them. Over the course of the evening, we captured a few photos of the showroom vignettes and product displays designed and styled by LOOK Marketing’s award-winning Visual Merchandising team.

    Store design: Designing for the consumer experience.

    Organized and inviting display shelf filled with accessories and gear with vehicle vignette in foreground – offer consumers an enticing shopping environment that translates to an elevated consumer experience.

    Styled to sell. The science of merchandising design for powersports retailers.

    Styled to sell. The science of merchandising design for powersports retailers.

    Mannequins dressed to ride. Display vignette for BRP Can-Am Spyder.

    Artfully conveying the Can-Am Spyder lifestyle in this vignette with mannequins dressed in Can-Am riding gear set against backdrop of vehicles and one on display. All components from color, spacing, pattern and texture work harmoniously together to create a display that is an attention-getter and money maker.

    Smart store design optimizes every inch of available display space which in turn increases the amount for revenue making space. LOOK’s visual merchandising team combined the science of retail design with their artful eye for creating beautiful environments, and designed this revenue generating series of display and merchandise vignettes that are guaranteed sales makers.

    Color theory and display placement in Visual Merchandising.

    Harnessing the science of color theory and placement to create an attractive retail display wall.

    Science of shopping implemented in powersports retail business.

    Eye-pleasing merchandise wall display presented in a visually rhythmic fashion makes it easy for shoppers to quickly find exactly what they need.

    It’s been a privilege to work with our friends at Route 1 Motorsports and contribute to their business success. We’ve enjoyed seeing their journey marking major milestones including the press event at the ground breaking, sharing the construction progress via social video  and finally seeing it all come together at the grand opening festivities.

  • On Location: Taking Social Media on the Road

    Leveraging Events: Social Media Content Strategy

    The Event

    It’s one of the most prestigious professional bass fishing tournaments in the world, the Fishing League Worldwide’s Forrest Wood Cup.  Our client Evinrude had a few of their pro-anglers vying for top spots in this world championship fishing tournament that took place in August 2017. Evinrude also planned on offering test rides during this heavily attended multi-day event in Lake Murray, South Carolina.

    The Social Strategy

    Capturing and publishing visual content from Evinrude attended fishing tournaments was one of several tactics based on our social media strategy to deliver informative and entertaining magazine-like experiences across Evinrude’s various social channels.

    Social Media Event Coverage

    So we packed our cameras, smart phones and laptops, and made our way to Lake Murray to bring the tournament experience to Evinrude’s 145,000 social fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

    Hundreds of photos were taken – including some cool 360-degree shots, along with several hours of video footage recorded.  Many of the tournament photos were published to albums and collections on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The event-based visual content was well received by fans.

    Some of the fan favorites (and ours, too!) from the event are shown below. It’s easy to see why the fans enjoyed these images – they express authentic, memorable moments and exude a friendly warmth that leaves you with a smile. Kind of like the pictures you’d take yourself and share with your friends.

    Evinrude social media fishing tournament event.

    Cody Meyer looking excited to kick things off on day one of the FLW Forrest Cup bass fishing tournament

    Evinrude Pro-Angler Cody Meyer. Social media event photography by LOOK Marketing.

    We’re loving Cody’s truck and Evinrude powered Ranger boat.

    Social media live event photography and filming by LOOK Marketing.

    Evinrude angler Carl Wendlandt is all smiles and ready to go on day one of the FLW Forrest Cup world bass fishing championship.

    Carl Wendlandt Evinrude angler 2017 Forrest Cup Professional Bass World Championship

    Carl Wendlandt hanging out with other anglers during the Forrest Wood Cup fishing tournament.

    Wesley Strader Evinrude Forrest Cup Championship Fishing Tournament

    Evinrude angler Wesley Strader getting ready for fishing tournament and talking with fans.

    Social Media Live Event coverage at FLW Forrest Cup Tournament.

    Wesley Strader at day two weigh-in at FLW Forrest Cup championship.

    Evinrude test ride Lake Murray south carolina social media event coverage.

    A new ‘up and coming’ Team Evinrude angler after his test ride on Lake Murray.

    Happy Eviinrude test ride participant

    Happy smiles all around after taking the Evinrude-powered boat out for a spin!

    Team Evinrude fan meet and greet FLW Forrest Wood Cup bass fishing tournament.

    Fans young and old came by to meet Evinrude Pro Staff angler Davy Hite during the Forrest Wood Cup Expo 2017.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FLW Forrest Wood Cup.

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out to enjoy the #EvinrudeLife at the Forrest Wood Cup Expo 2017. And check out that custom designed Evinrude engine. Cool, right?

  • Behind The Scenes: Motorcycle Photography for Arnott

    Making the marketing magic happen!

    A glimpse behind the camera with a few out-takes from photo shoots we produced for Florida-based client Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension. 

    LOOK Marketing’s founder Tim McKercher (learn more about Tim here) is an avid motorcyclist – he owns a Ducati Monster G20 and a few other motorcycles. He brings his enthusiasm and knowledge of  motorcycling to the agency’s commercial motorcycle photography and videography projects. Like some of the photos and videos we’ve shot for Arnott’s print marketing materials and and digital platforms. Some of those can be seen in our portfolio and on Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension’s:

    • Website
    • Social Media Channels
    • Promotional Materials
    • Product Catalog
    • Brochures and Posters
    Commercial Motorcycle Photography Project: Arnott Merritt Island Florida

    Model on Harley Davidson motorcycle at Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension facilities near Barge Canal in Merritt Island, Florida.

    Melbourne Florida Commercial Motorcycle Photography Production

    Harley-Davidson Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension

    Commercial Photo Shoot for Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension in Merritt Island, Florida

    Parking the motorcycles and taking a lunch break at a local diner.

    Arnott Adjustable Suspension Motorcycles Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

    Motorcycle photography. Handlebar details.

    Capturing the details visually tells the whole story.

  • Social Video: Construction of New Route 1 Motorsports

    Video Production: Route 1 Motorsports’ Dealership

    In this four-part series of social videos, we crafted an engaging story that visually narrated the exciting moments experienced as client Route 1 Motorsports saw their dream – of expanding their business with the construction of a new powersports showroom and dealership – become reality.

    The primary focus of the overarching video story centered on events that unfolded during two key points in the realization of their dream. The first, was the  press event we produced to bring media attention to Route 1 Motorsports as they broke ground on the site of their new mega-dealership location. The second – which resulted in the final three videos of the series, documented the exhilarating moments from beginning to end as their vision for the new Southern Brevard County dealership took shape.

    Social Video Engagement Makes Impact

    Below are the videos that LOOK Marketing produced and were subsequently published to Route 1 Motorsports Facebook page and shared with over two thousand of their fans on that social channel. Combined all four videos, generated over 25,000 views and substantial buzz in the local community.

    Ground Breaking Press Event
    The first video in the series captured the thrilling, emotion-filled ground breaking press event day as the owners,  Willy Carmine and Kellie Wright, broke ground at the site of their new facility near Malabar, Florida.

    Leveraging Video Production Technology
    In addition to our standard video production equipment, we also utilized our video drones to record sweeping aerial views of the massive lot and obtain footage of the lively show that kicked off the official groundbreaking ceremony.

    Facebook Video Results
    On social, this video garnered 14,536 views.

    Facility Construction Progress Reports
    The last three videos in the series, followed the building process from start to finish marking significant construction project milestones along the way. The visual progression was shared with Facebook fans to keep them:

    • Informed of the facility build.
    • Engaged with the brand during the nearly year-long construction.

    Leveraging Video Production Technology
    For these construction progress report videos, we once again used a combination of traditional video production and drone videography to capture the full visual story.

    Facebook Video Results
    Combined these three videos had nearly 11,000 views.

  • Houston Texas Sea-Doo Demo Ride Marketing Event

    This summer LOOK Marketing’s event team produced four experiential marketing events in Texas for client Sea-Doo which resulted in highly successful demo rides and a very happy client. We’ve shared a few of our behind the scenes photos from one of the events held in Houston, Texas.

    Prepping rider for Sea-Doo Demo at Mancuso Powersports in Houston Texas.

    Jeremy, lead event specialist at LOOK Marketing, is prepping a customer for a demo ride on Sea-Doo‘s luxury watercraft, the GTX 300 at  Team Mancuso Powersports.

    LOOK Marketing's Tim McKercher registering Sea-Doo demo ride participants.

    Tim McKercher is seen here lending a helping hand in the very busy registration tent. McKercher, LOOK Marketing’s founder and events’ expert, spearheaded this event marketing and production project for Sea-Doo’s Texas demo rides.

    Sea-Doo Global Marketing Coordinator offering some pre-ride tips.

    Marc-Olivier, the Global Digital Marketing Coordinator for Sea-Doo, offering some pre-ride tips to this father and son duo onboard a 2017 WAKE 155 watercraft.

    Sea-Doo group ride at Team Mancuso Powersports in Houston, Texas. Event produced by LOOK Marketing.

    This group of riders had a blast trying out some of Sea-Doo’s most popular watercraft during the demo ride. They had a fun and memorable time on the water, and experienced what it would feel like to own a personal watercraft – and more importantly, a Sea-Doo watercraft! When ready to buy, these shoppers will certainly recall the awesome day on the water they spent riding Sea-Doo watercraft.

  • PR Scoop! ABC News Reports on Client Sea-Doo’s 2017 Lineup

    ABC News Reporter Interviewing LOOK Marketing's Tim McKercher at Sea-Doo Booth.We’re thrilled to have secured a huge public relations win for our client BRP Sea-Doo at the New York Boat Show!  ABC News‘ Charli James interviewed LOOK Marketing’s founder and Sea-Doo watercraft expert Tim McKercher about the 2017 SPARK TRIXX.  With this publicity driven coverage, Sea-Doo’s 2017 product lineup was shared with an online audience of nearly 20 million people. (Interview starts at 20:02.)


    February 13, 2017 – LOOK Marketing adds to the string of ADDY Best of Awards by winning 2017 Best Of Digital and Judges Choice awards extending the Melbourne, Florida-based advertising agency’s string of receiving top honors to three consecutive years. The Space Coast American Advertising Federation recognizing the best strategic creative in a wide variety of advertising mediums through the nation wide ADDY awards program.  LOOK Marketing won the Space Coast Ad Federation’s Best of Show award in 2015 and 2016 and continues to add to the award count with Five Gold ADDYs and Four Silver ADDYs in 2017 for a variety of clients in a diverse list of categories.

    LOOK Marketing focuses on integrated, strategic messaging through consistent and creative branding that surpasses clients’ objectives. Through the work flow process of objective defining, strategy building and flawless tactical execution LOOK is renown in the powersports and marine industries and has become one of the Space Coasts’ leading marketing agencies for a wide range of B2C and B2B businesses.

    2017 Space Coast  American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards won by LOOK Marketing.

    BEST OF DIGITAL – BRP INC. Sea-Doo Watercraft – T-RIXX video

    Judges noted this piece was a great use of leveraging a social media trend with great creative while seamlessly blending in key product features through the story telling. The video incorporated the 2016 trending T-REXX costume social media phenomenon with chase and later friendship of a caveman and a T-REXX on the new Sea-Doo TRIXX watercraft.

    JUDGES CHOICE – Route 1 Motorsports – Route 1 Groundbreaking

    Judges noted the objective of producing a remarkable groundbreaking event was effectively achieved from invitations to actual event production and post event leveraging via earned media and boosted social media video.

    2017 GOLD ADDY – Out of Home Installation – BRP Inc. (Can-Am, Sea-Doo, Spyder) – Club BRP Orlando, International Dealer Meeting Showroom

    2017 GOLD ADDY – Event – Route 1 Motorsports – Route 1 Groundbreaking

    2017 GOLD ADDY – Event – Sea-Doo Watercraft – #SEADOOBEACHPARTY Press Event

    2017 GOLD ADDY – Film/Video/Sound Branded Content, :60 seconds or less – Sea-Doo Watercraft – TRIXX or TREAT

    2017 GOLD ADDY – Film/Video/Sound Branded Content, More than :60 seconds Sea-Doo Watercraft – T-RIXX

    2017 SILVER ADDY – Logo Design, – LOOK Marketing Word Mark

    2017 SILVER ADDY – Card, Invitation or Announcement – Sea-Doo Watercraft #SEADOOBEACHPARTY Press Event Invitation

    2017 SILVER ADDY – Film/Video/Sound Branded Content, More than :60 seconds BRP Inc./Sea-Doo Watercraft – Racing the Sun

    2017 SILVER ADDY – Internet Commercial – Sea-Doo Watercraft – #SEADOOBEACHPARTY Press Event

    LOOK Marketing 2017 Best of ADDYs Awards - Space Coast Chapter, Florida

    LOOK Marketing, LLC is a multi-faceted Creative Agency that builds strategic Marketing Communications plans for both international and national clients. Based on Florida’s Space Coast, LOOK’s integrated services extend from public relations, social media management, and video production, to experiential marketing and merchandising design for a variety of B2B and B2C brands. Clients include BRP, Sea-Doo watercraft, Ski-Doo snowmobiles, Can-Am off-road, and Can-Am Spyder, Evinrude Propulsion, BMW Motorrad US, Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension, Red Bull North America, Rec Boat Holdings, The Burger Place, and Melbourne Central Catholic High School.


    Melbourne, Florida – LOOK Marketing won their second, “Best of Show” Addy in consecutive years in addition to five Gold and five Silver Addy awards for a diverse list of marketing projects for three global marine and motorcycle brands. The “Addy’s,” is sponsored by the Space Coast Chapter of the American Advertising Federation and is one of the largest and most prestigious national competitions recognizing creative excellence in advertising.Space Coast Advertising Federation 2016 ADDY wins for LOOK Marketing Best of Show

    “LOOK is humbled to have executed work that has earned, “Best of Show” honors two years in a row from the Space Coast AAF,” said LOOK Marketing president Tim McKercher. “We are more proud of winning five Gold and five Silver Addy’s for  a diverse mix of work exemplifying our drive to provide completely integrated marketing efforts.”

    2016 ADDY awards includes:


    GOLD ADDY: Internet Commercial

    GOLD ADDY: Internet Commercial Campaign

    GOLD ADDY: Motion Graphics, Animation or Special Effects

    Client: BRP/Sea-Doo watercraft

    Project: Sea-Doo, “Next Level,” The Science of Fun video series

    LOOK, in collaboration with Fiction, brings ultra targeted creative that tells the Sea-Doo new model story in a manner that talks directly to the intended, performance audience. This explains the science behind the NEXT LEVEL of performance watercraft riding fun.

    GOLD ADDY: Internet Commercial

    Client: Rec Boat Holdings/Four Winns boats

    Project: Four Winns TS 222, “Lake Hawaii”

    LOOK, in collaboration with Fiction was challenged to show how the new Four Winns wake surf boat powered by new Volvo Forward Drive system can bring the surf lifestyle to land-locked watersports fans with an endless wave machine for the models launch at the Miami International Boatshow and digital world.


    GOLD ADDY: Social Media, Multiple Platforms

    SILVER ADDY: Integrated Advertising Campaign – Regional/National – Consumer

    SILVER ADDY: Integrated Branded Campaign

    Client: BRP/Sea-Doo watercraft

    Project: Ultimate Sea-Doo Beach Party Sweepstakes with Devin Super Tramp

    This campaign was developed and executed in partnership with Cramer-Krasselt. We asked fans to, “Show Us How You #SPARKSOMEFUN” to win the Ultimate Sea-Doo Beach Party that would be filmed by YouTube star videographer Devin Super Tramp intended to create something to talk about and promote – a share-of-voice tool for the Sea-Doo SPARK and full line of Sea-Doo models leading into the selling season. The effort must have a “hook” element for media and consumers and should be integrated across multiple mediums to maximize limited budget.

    SILVER ADDY: Out-of-Home Installation

    Client: BRP/Can-Am off road, Spyder and Sea-Doo watercraft

    Project: Club BRP 2016 Global Dealer Meeting Showroom

    LOOK in conjunction with Upstaging Inc. designed and executed a 30,000 sq/ft showroom showcasing the 2016 line of Can-Am off road, Spyder, and Sea-Doo vehicles with related accessories and soft goods in their respective brands’ positioning.

    SILVER ADDY: Single Event

    Client: BRP/Sea-Doo watercraft

    Project: #SeaDooNEXTLEVEL Global Dealer Test Ride Experience

    LOOK produced three watercraft segment trial experiences simultaneously to accommodate test rides for 1800 BRP dealers in two days to launch the 2016 Sea-Doo line in Nashville, TN.

    SILVER ADDY: Sales Kit or Product Information Sheets

    Client: BMW Motorrad USA

    Project: BMW Motorrad In-Store Design Guide

    LOOK produced developed, designed, and produced visual merchandising design guide book to guide BMW Motorrad dealers on proper visual merchandising practices in respect of set brand standards.


    Thank you to BMW Motorrad USA, Rec Boat Holdings and BRP/Sea-Doo marketing team for allowing LOOK to work with leading global brands – Derek Sorenson and Jordyn Baker of BMW Motored USA,  Julie Tourville, Kim Turcotte, Marc-Olivier Drouin, Hector Rodriguez of BRP, and Julie Johnson of Rec Boat Holdings.  Next Level Video Talent – Henrique Rosa, Allen Walker, Christian Stiebinger, Jacques Mayrand, Kim Ross, Patrick Raffelsberger, Erminio Iantosca, and Anya Colley. Lake Hawaii Video Talent – Arlene, Rossi, and Elle Klein. The Fiction crew of Josh McWilliams, Matt Staker, and Nick Sambrato and Jordy Klein. – Social Media – Dave Racine of Cramer Krasselt and Devin Grahm (Devin Super Tramp). And of course the LOOK team – Cody Hawkins, Bianca Blottie, Christos Meimaroglou, Michele Chenard, Paulo, Pauline Gilliam and Mark Quavillon.

    LOOK Marketing is a multi-faceted, award-winning marketing agency that builds strategic Marketing Communications plans for both international and national clients. Based on Florida’s Space Coast, LOOK’s agency services includes; branding, public relations, social media management, digital marketing, lead generation, web and TV advertising, and video production, to experiential marketing and visual merchandising design for a variety of B2B and B2C brands. Clients include BRP, Sea-Doo watercraft, Ski-Doo snowmobiles, Can-Am off-road, and Can-Am Spyder, Arnott Air Suspension, Red Bull North America, Rec Boat Holdings and BMW Motorrad USA. For the latest insight and expertise in branding, advertising, and dominating the digital marketing world, contact LOOK Marketing at 321.409-0519 or e-mail info@look-marketing.com